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Credant Technologies Corporate Launch

Today was the official launch of Credant Technologies. For those of you who don’t know, this is the company I went to work for after leaving the last one. The “coming out” press release is entitled CREDANT TECHNOLOGIES ™ First to Deliver Trusted Computing for Mobile Enterprises. So for those of you have been wondering what the heck [...]

Another change

Well, today I left ChipData. I’m taking a couple of days off, but I’ll start my next venture Monday. After I’ve been gone a while, I post more information, but I just wanted people to know I’ll be at a new address starting Monday.

What’s Happening

Most of my time is being spent right now at work. We are trying to get a product out the door on a really tight schedule. That is preventing me from doing much of anything on the site right now, but I have finally captured the last image from the flower bed project and will work to get them [...]

Back to Work: Chipdata

First Day Back To Work Today was my first day at ChipData. Everything went well. They had an office, computer, phone, and projects all ready for me. This has to be the most organized first day at a new company I’ve ever been through. Quicky I spent last week working non-stop on projects around the house. Hopefully some time this week, [...]

New Job: Chipdata

Job Search 2001 – Ends! It’s official, I’ve faxed the form back to Jody and I’m now off the market. Starting May 14th, I’ll be working for ChipData located in Richardson, TX. It took a little over a month, but I’m pleased with the results. Guess I’ll have to start getting up early again.