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Wildlife Photographs

I have several new critters added to the Animals album. There are a few pictures of a very small anole, several pictures of a mole that we found swimming in our pool, and one of a snake that I saw in the bushes at my mother’s house. 3034 3052 3061

Wildlife Photography – Toad at Night

Last night we were working late in the yard when this toad appears. Apparently he wanted some affection, because he kept trying to climb up into Laura’s lap while she was pruning plants. Since she was in a working mood, she wasn’t thrilled about having him interfere. The image was taken (2272×1704 with super fine compression, ISO 50, f [...]

Wildlife Photography

It’s sometimes hard to believe that we actually live in a suburban neighborhood. In the "I wish I had my camera" department, I was greeted by the honking of two canadian geese as they flew by me about 15 feet off the ground. Today, I walked up to [...]