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Gmail Labs Quick Links: Using Stored Searches

I use Gmail as a mail aggregator for many of my accounts. I honestly do strive for Inbox Zero but I’m not very consistent. As part of the quest, I’ve become relatively proficient at typing in advanced search query strings, but it is a real time sink to hand enter those every day. Enter Gmail [...]

Java SE 6 version 1.6.0_05 – Available for 64 bit Intel Macs

This release of Java for Mac OS 10.5 adds Java SE 6 version 1.6.0_05 to your Mac. This release does not change the default version of Java. This release is only for Mac OS X v10.5.2 and later, and should not be installed on earlier versions of Mac OS X. This release is for 64-bit Intel-based [...]

GitHub – Homesteading

I’m too swamped to actual learn Git at the moment, but I’m not going to let that stop me from claiming my name at GitHub. What is it? Not only is Git the new hotness, it’s a fast, efficient, distributed version control system ideal for the collaborative development of software. GitHub is the easiest (and prettiest) way to [...]

Portable Power – USB External Batteries

I was touting the wonders of the iPod Touch to a friend, when he mentioned that he wouldn’t buy one due to the lack of a replaceable battery. I originally thought he was worried about the end of life issue. The real issue is what do you do with a small child when the video [...]

ActiveX – Resident Evil

I’ve always wondered why ActiveX controls continue to be written. There are cases where you need access to the local machine to provide a useful service, but most things don’t, at least not outside of a sandbox. There will always be security flaws in every type of software, but ActiveX controls seem to be the [...]