Meandering Out Loud

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For Sale: Hurricane Deck Boat 198R

We’ve decided to sell the boat. There are several reason for the decision The closest lake has been too low, ramps closed The closest lake has been too high, ramps closed The slip fees at the closest marina are outrageous ~ $4000 per year which means I wouldn’t have to worry about the ramps. Alex is headed off to [...]

ColorWars: The Rainbow team needs you.

Ok, if you’re on twitter, you need to jump over to the @rainbowteam and join by clicking follow. If you need to colorize your avatar Cali Lewis posted a rainbowteam.png to help you modify your avatar. For the rest of you, zefrank wrote a post entitled "colorwar 2008" where he mused. We used to play color [...]

Spoon Death aka “Solutions from The Teenage Mind”

Authors on the Net don’t always consider their readership. For instance, consider the problem of puffy eyes or bags under the eyes. In the modern world what do we do? Google of course. Who is allowed to use Google? Everyone, including teenagers. Take a moment to read the following excerpt found during my quest to [...]

The Clutter of it All

I find the affect of clutter to be cyclical. Sometimes, when I know what I need to get done and I can be fully absorbed in the task, it has no affect. Other times, when I don’t have a clear picture on what needs to be done, it really bothers me. There are a ton of [...]

Welcome to the New

It took quite a while to get all the pieces put together, mostly because I couldn’t figure out how to disable the new canonical URL stuff in Wordpress. Once I located the section of code to comment out, it started coming together pretty rapidly. As part of the conversion process, I also had to upgrade [...]