Meandering Out Loud

Don Thorp’s Musing, Muttering, and Mischief Along a Random Path


The SmugMug referral program saves you $5 and helps me out with $10 if you sign up with with my referrer code.

I use SmugMug as my gallery. Earlier sites used Gallery/Gallery2. I liked it, but I was spending too much time on maintenance and WPG2, the WordPress plugin, wasn’t tracking changes as quickly as I wanted.

I eventually realized I didn’t want to be in the gallery maintenance business so I needed service provider.

I chose SmugMug (about) over Flickr and Picassa for a several of reasons.

  1. They are profitable and debt-free
  2. They care about their customers
  3. They’re accessible and communicate openly
  4. They provide technical details on implementation, hardware, architecture, etc. on the blog
  5. I like the software

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