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It Was a Slow Draining Day

Picture of a Drano bottleThe shower has been draining slowly for a few days. On her way to work this morning, Laura called to remind me to pour Drano down the shower drain. Having a little extra energy this morning, I decided to go the extra mile and see if I could clean it by hand before using chemicals. That way, the Drano would be much more effective and have much less work to do.

I’ve wondered for years how the drain cover stays in place, but I never bothered to actually look. On close inspection there seemed to be four tabs holding it in place, so a little pressure and it popped right out. If you look closely, you’ll see a little bump on the tab that helps keep it below the rim.

After successfully pulling the cover off, I peered into the drain and was greeted by a glob of stuff that honestly, was probably alive. Reaching in the drain, I SLOWLY pulled and pulled and pulled, until finally with a soft plop, an ENTIRE ponytail looking creature was resting peacefully on the shower floor. Thankfully, it didn’t spring to life and attack.

For the squeamish among you, I won’t embed the pictures, but for the rest of you crazy people, head over to my SmugMug Gallery Drain Life.

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September 11th, 2008

Don Thorp


4 Responses to “It Was a Slow Draining Day”

  1. PopDaddy says:

    You’re like the Stephen King of plumbing tales. I’m gonna turn on all the spickets in the house before I look at those bonus pics…

  2. That was just nasty! the 3rd picture has 2 blue dots that kind of look like eyes and below that there is the hint of an evil mouth! I think it was alive! Good thing it didn’t hurt you.

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