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First Impression: T-Mobile G1

I had several people ask for my impressions of the G1 so I put a video together instead of spending a lot of time typing. In general, it’s pretty good for a first generation device. I don’t really like the bar with the roller obstructing access to the keyboard, but I’m starting to get use to it already.

First Impressions: T-Mobile G1 from Don Thorp on Vimeo.

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October 23rd, 2008

Don Thorp


2 Responses to “First Impression: T-Mobile G1”

  1. Computersaurus says:

    Thanx for the review Don. I am on T-Mobile so this is the phone I have been considering upgrading to.

  2. Cool dude! You got a G1! Sounds like its not that bad of a device. Too bad we lowly Canadians can’t get it yet. LOL But who knows. If you like it, then I think I may get it as soon as it comes to Canada.

    Steve “Snowball” Saylor

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