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It has been a long time since I’ve been able to post anything. It is amazing
where your time goes once summer gets here. Over the weekend I spent WAY to
much time helping fix my youngest brother’s computer. Not only did I have
to reinstall Win98 on it, the motherboard’s keyboard port freaked out
requiring me to replace the motherboard. As
with most hardware based problems, this one ended up costing me 8+ hours on

Agenda VR3

Ever since becoming addicted to using my Palm III, I’ve developed a stronger
interest in new handheld computing devices. I was an early
adopter of the Franklin eBookMan (I’m still waiting for the MS Reader
software if anyone from Franklin is listening
) and still use it for
reading. It appears that one of the Linux contenders
Agenda is finally
getting a product out the door. A great review
The Agenda VR3: Real Linux in a PDA,
written by Chris Halsall, is available on the Linux Devcenter of the
O’Reilly Network. Not having played with one yet, this device sounds like it
might have longterm viability if the software quality can approach that of
the Palm platform.


I’ve been slowly adding to my Python skills everytime I get the need to
write a new script. It is still slow going, but I do feel like I’m getting
better. As with most languages, the difficulty is in learning the libraries
not the language. While putting a script together I ran across a great
tool provided by ActiveState,

The Python Cookbook
“. I was able to quickly find a couple of helpful routines
to accelerate writing the script. It also looks like a place to pick up
hints on using classes and cross-platform Python.

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June 6th, 2001

Don Thorp



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