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I’m still here

Believe it or not, the lack of updates does not signal my demise. Life has
been really hectic lately and getting updates to the website has just been
close to impossible.

I have ton of resource links that I need to get added, but I’m going to
hold off for a little while, until John finished is experiment with OPML.
I already keep my resource list in xml form, but I’m open to using a standard
that has tools available.


Today I was reading on Meerkat and found an interesting topic on using
XML-RPC to manage your weblog on Blogger and another product called
Free Conversant.
I haven’t read through it, but first glance seems to indicate that it comes
in a open form that we could run on our own servers.

I also happened upon this XML-RPC accessible spell checker. This might make
it simple to provide spell checking on a website or with other tools.

The reason I found these interesting is that the main reason I don’t update
my page more is that it takes time to modify the source and publish it.
I would prefer an easier method of “posting” entries. John is tackling this
with a tools that he is specing out now, but it will be a while before
something big comes out of it.

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August 13th, 2001

Don Thorp



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