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New Photos Page and WP-SmugMug

As part of my site re-organization and update, I discovered a new plugin, WP-SmugMug written by Adam Tow, that allows me to show recent photos from my SmugMug account on the site. Previously, the Photos menu item just took you directly to my photos,, on SmugMug. Now the link takes you to a local page that displays some recent photos and provides a link to all photos.

I had a couple of small issues with the plugin, version 2.0.3 and WordPress 2.7, but that didn’t stop me from working around it for photos.

  1. The “Send to Editor” button didn’t work for me so I had to enter the short code by hand (FireFox 3.0 and Safari on OS X Leopard)
  2. When using the RSS feed for recently updated galleries, it didn’t find the gallery images to display so I took that feature out.

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January 8th, 2009

Don Thorp


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