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Projects: Bedroom Remodel

I’ve create a gallery of photos from the remodel of Allison’s bedroom. She wanted her walls red with a dark wood floor. Given the experience we had with renovating my office in 2008, we were confident we could crank out most of the work over the MLK holiday weekend. As of this post we’ve completed everything except the baseboard and moving her in.

We ripped out the 13+ year old carpet and replaced it with a floating bamboo floor. The walls were painted with a dark brown (Behr Bison Brown) and then covered the brown with red (Behr Daredevil). The eggshell finish for the red gives it a glazed look and provides for an interesting finish over the brown. The original baseboard was repainted and replaced and shoe molding will be added to cover any gaps from contraction.

I hope to post a howto in the future, now that we’ve installed two floating floors using this bamboo flooring,

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January 20th, 2009

Don Thorp


4 Responses to “Projects: Bedroom Remodel”

  1. frizzlefry says:

    Wow. That’s absolutely gorgeous!

  2. DinkerP2 says:

    Pretty room!!! If you ever need help or suggestions I found this place pretty helpful – It’s pretty neat!

    I love the idea that you painted BROWN first before the red to give it depth! That’s a real saver so you don’t have to paint the red 3 or 4 times to cover the white underneath! My daughter and her roommate/landlord started to paint the dining room a deep red, but started on a bright white base. They got one coat on and haven’t gone back to it. Not very pretty at this point…but it’ll get there. Wish I’d thought of the brown coat first like you did and told them!

    • Don Thorp says:

      My Sister-in-law is an interior designer and she told me that her guys often use a brown coat under the red. We probably used a brown that was a little dark as a base, but we’re really happy with the look we got.

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