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Digital Image Recovery – Photo Recovery Tool

I had a big scare the other day. We went to my daughter’s
Brownie Bridging Ceremony
where I took several once in a lifetime photos. While we were at the ceremony, we reviewed
the photos many times and everything look great.

When I got home, I started to pull the images from the CF card and noticed that
there were no photos! The card showed that it had almost 57MB used, but the
directory must have been corrupted. So that I wouldn’t mess things up, I left
the card alone.

After a few hours, I did a google search and found this gem:
Digital Image Recovery.
Not only is this tool free, it was able to pull the images off the CF card. If you
run into a similar problem, try this tool. It doesn’t do any writes to the card so
it is pretty safe. I keep saying card, but the software works with any device
that can be mounted as a drive.

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August 5th, 2002

Don Thorp



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