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LTools – Reading and Writing ext2 partitions from Windows

A while back, I had a DDR module go bad and trash portions of my Win2k registry. Not a huge deal, Installed XP and copied all of the data over. The bigger problem was that I was dual booting to RedHat 7.3 using Grub. When I installed XP, it proceeded to wipe out my bootloader thereby making it impossible to boot into Linux (for the record, I haven’t tried to restore the partition).

These tools were all found at FileSystems:HOWTO


On a whim today, I decided to see if there were any tools available for reading Ext2/Ext3 partitions from Windows. A little google magic and up pops LTools. I extracted it, ran it’s setup program, started the Java version of the UI, pointed it the drive which contains the Ext2 partitions and viola! I got my data. This product is great for browsing, but it won’t let you do recursive copies.


Failing to be able to copy the files I needed using LTools, I found Explore2fs. While not as polished as LTools from a UI perspective, it does seem to be able to recursively copy files.

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September 19th, 2002

Don Thorp



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