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Welcome to the New

It took quite a while to get all the pieces put together, mostly because I couldn’t figure out how to disable the new canonical URL stuff in Wordpress. Once I located the section of code to comment out, it started coming together pretty rapidly. As part of the conversion process, I also had to upgrade Gallery to Gallery2.

The impetus for the rewrite was a desire to aggregate all of my flotsam and jetsam. I wanted to hopefully drive more traffic to the site so that I can generate a small amount of revenue from ads, books, etc. At a minimum, it’ll help offset the cost of my toys.

What I’ve discovered is that it’s pretty easy to start pulling in the bits and pieces from Twitter, Magnolia, LibraryThing, et al. to make a semi-coherent website using the best of breed tools sprinkled around the net.

I’m keeping – Version 1 up and running for the time being, as well as my blog on wordpress

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January 12th, 2008

Don Thorp


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