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…In the Beginning

I’ve moved the items off the original site and into this new web log format.
This format is the first step in the new weblog tool John and I are working


This is going to be my scratch pad for various things that interest me.
As any new site, this one is going to be light on content for a while. In
fact most of the content here is going to focus on Job Hunt 2001.

Current Notions

It took a little while, but the site is now in a state where I can add content
more quickly. I have temporarily given up on XInclude and just created a helper
class to do the merging for me. The site is now running under Tomcat, it is
built and published using Ant, and all of the content is now XML based!

I’ve started a resources page, but there is much to be done. I’ll add entries
and annotate it shortly. The next step I think will be to add an about the site
page that describes the techniques I’m using for this site.

Job Hunt 2001

As many of you know, my last employer Vast Solutions decided to go
out of business without any warning. I guess that is always a risk with a
startup, but John
and I thought we had done better research on this one. We were told that
they had revenue, a burn rate that would last through Q3 or early Q4, and
they were a spin-off of a larger corporation. I guess you never really know.

I’m reworking my online resume. After review by several folks, I expanded it
to add more detailed information about what I’ve done over the years. It is
sometimes difficult to capture all of the little things, but I think I cover
the important ones. In the mean time, you can pull the
Word/RTF version.

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May 3rd, 2001

Don Thorp



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