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Hello Thorp, Wisconsin!

Imagine my surprise when a slip of a google search turns up a town with my surname, Thorp, Wisconsin. My earlier years were spent in Sarcoxie, Missouri (pop 1280, back then). The population of Thorp is 1536, from the last census numbers. I’m guessing with a well timed Google street view, you might be able to see everyone in town.

Visiting the cities’ website ( it looks to be a nice place with lots of civic activities and nice public facilities. Here is a brief history of the town which was founded in 1893.

Thanks Google for bringing me some fun information.

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January 12th, 2008

Don Thorp


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  1. Paul Chmelik says:

    Just thought you may be interested in this, if you join , there is a group to check out called “Yeah, I’ve been to Thorp Wisconsin: The Redo”. Even though you have never been here we would love for you to join the group because after all you are a Thorp. Hope to see you there.

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