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Portable Power – USB External Batteries

I was touting the wonders of the iPod Touch to a friend, when he mentioned that he wouldn’t buy one due to the lack of a replaceable battery. I originally thought he was worried about the end of life issue. The real issue is what do you do with a small child when the video device runs out of power at 30,000 feet. Enter the external USB battery pack.

My current “go to solution” is the APC Mobile Power Pack, 10 Wh (UPB10) unit from APC. Surprisingly, it gets used for my phone much more than for my iPods.

Looking through APC’s Universal Mobile Device Batteries product list, I saw a AAA battery powered unit the APC USB Battery Extender (UPBX). This might be a good device to have around when you won’t have power for charging the UPB10.

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March 2nd, 2008

Don Thorp


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