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New Photos Page and WP-SmugMug

As part of my site re-organization and update, I discovered a new plugin, WP-SmugMug written by Adam Tow, that allows me to show recent photos from my SmugMug account on the site. Previously, the Photos menu item just took you directly to my photos,, on SmugMug. Now the link takes you to a local [...]

Updated to Wordpress 2.7

This is a just a quick post to note that I’ve finished porting the site to Wordpress 2.7 and taking it into production. I haven’t made any of the organizational changes that I want yet, but now that it’s moved I may post some of the content that I’ve been saving up a lot faster. If [...]

Upgrading the Site

Just a quick note to let you know that parts of the site will be missing, mostly pictures, as I upgrade to the latest WordPress. I seem to have gotten everything updated except for Gallery. I’ve always had a love hate relationship with it and I think the hate side has won. I’m going to [...]

Welcome to the New

It took quite a while to get all the pieces put together, mostly because I couldn’t figure out how to disable the new canonical URL stuff in Wordpress. Once I located the section of code to comment out, it started coming together pretty rapidly. As part of the conversion process, I also had to upgrade [...] is taking shape

Ages and ages ago some friends and I were able to get the domain and have kept it all these years. A couple of years ago, when advertising started coming back, my business partner John Munsch and I started talking about how we could make it more than just a dead site and an [...]