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Politicians, Manipulation, and the Healthcare Problem

In general, I’m not a big fan of politicians. I know they’re a necessary evil but I am troubled when they step over the line and over simplify and possibly just misstate facts just enough to inflame support for their position, whether their position is right/wrong, good/bad is immaterial. What I’m not trying to do with [...]

Scandinavia 09: DFW to HEL

Flights I seem to attract storms to DFW every time I fly in or out. Most of the day yesterday (Aug 5) was clear with not a cloud in sight. A few hours before I was suppose to leave, a storm front started moving into the metroplex. There was wind sheer near the airport and apparently [...]

Twitter Decides We Have Enough Friends

I don’t normally bother with posting about service changes, but Twitter has made a bone headed move in their latest service change: Small Settings Update. A lot of experienced Twitter users rely on the one sided conversation feature to find people worth following. Seeing how people interact with others on twitter that I don’t already follow [...]


A little travel tale for my trip to San Jose yesterday, April 6th. On the Austin to San Jose leg, a guy who looked more sleep deprived than I felt, plopped down in the seat next to me with blanket in hand. He was quiet and immediately fell asleep. A bit later, as they [...]

Howto: Syncing TweetDeck Between Multiple Installs on OS X using DropBox

A big thanks to Christian Mohn aka h0bbel for his article on syncing TweetDeck between multiple Windows installations. It quickly pointed me in the right direction on OS X. In many ways, it’s much easier on OS X because it has soft links as part of its Unix heritage. Since I no longer use Windows [...]