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Meme: Six Random Facts About Me

So my Twitter bud Matt aka mmWine, using his best evil laugh, meme tagged me for “Six Random Facts About Me”. Looking around the Net I see that this meme has been running around for a while and has stayed basically true to form. The main deviation is changing the number of random facts. Since [...]

2336 Days

Goodbye Today is a day of transition from the known to the unknown. Last week I decided that I needed to take a break for a much needed rest. Two thousand three hundred thirty-five days ago on March 18, 2002, I said hello as employee number 18; Today on August 8, 2008 I say farewell. A [...]

CREDANT Gets More Money

I’ve worked at my "day job", CREDANT Technologies, Inc, for almost six years now. I happened to run across an article in the Dallas Business Journal and found out that Credant investors ante up $5M in ‘top-off’ funding round. Not completely surprised, but I definitely wasn’t expecting it.

The Clutter of it All

I find the affect of clutter to be cyclical. Sometimes, when I know what I need to get done and I can be fully absorbed in the task, it has no affect. Other times, when I don’t have a clear picture on what needs to be done, it really bothers me. There are a ton of [...]

Hello Thorp, Wisconsin!

View Larger Map Imagine my surprise when a slip of a google search turns up a town with my surname, Thorp, Wisconsin. My earlier years were spent in Sarcoxie, Missouri (pop 1280, back then). The population of Thorp is 1536, from the last census numbers. I’m guessing with a well timed Google street view, you might [...]