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Alex Goes to Washington

Off and on all summer, we’ve been trying to figure out how to get Alex to school. He is attending The American University in Washington, DC and will be majoring in International Studies. We had several options: Drive and tour the eastern part of the US Drive one-way and fly home Have the Family fly out carrying some [...]

Parent 23,290 – Teenager 0

I have to admit, I was part of the problem, but it is very hard to resist coming to the aid of another parent when challenged by a teenager. I woke up this morning and saw this tweet which I’ve edited to remove the actual phone number. T+0h leolaporte My son Hank doesn’t believe I have [...]

Say Bridge

Children are the spice of life. While attending my youngest sister’s baby shower in Tulsa, Allison was able to capture this priceless video of my nephew trying to say “bridge”.

The Spongebob Probe

It’s hard to imagine anyone approving this product, but then again, it happened. How many children are going to scream at the site of Sponge Bob in the future. To help complete the traumatization of America, they should also release a Krusty the Clown probe as well. Found on Boing Boing

Spoon Death aka “Solutions from The Teenage Mind”

Authors on the Net don’t always consider their readership. For instance, consider the problem of puffy eyes or bags under the eyes. In the modern world what do we do? Google of course. Who is allowed to use Google? Everyone, including teenagers. Take a moment to read the following excerpt found during my quest to [...]