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Scandinavia 09: DFW to HEL

Flights I seem to attract storms to DFW every time I fly in or out. Most of the day yesterday (Aug 5) was clear with not a cloud in sight. A few hours before I was suppose to leave, a storm front started moving into the metroplex. There was wind sheer near the airport and apparently [...]


A little travel tale for my trip to San Jose yesterday, April 6th. On the Austin to San Jose leg, a guy who looked more sleep deprived than I felt, plopped down in the seat next to me with blanket in hand. He was quiet and immediately fell asleep. A bit later, as they [...]

Trip to Mexico – Tulum

We recently returned from a trip to Mexico and I’ve started organizing the pictures from the trip. Since that will take a while, I decided to post some panorama’s of the ruins of Tulum. Click on the smaller images to see a larger version. 4097|400 4101|400 4104|400