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Wildlife Photograph – Crane

Spring must be here. Animals are posing all over the place. This crane was fishing in a ditch after a thunderstorm. It has been in the area for quite some time, but I never seemed to have my camera ready. I had to make a quick trip up to the school, saw it, came home to [...]

Wildlife Photograph – Great Plains Rat Snake or Corn Snake

Great Plains Rat Snake (Elaphe emoryi) I went to clean out the pool skimmer today and found this little guy. He was about 36 inches long and very docile. When I was carrying him around in the bucket, Home Depot issue if you couldn’t tell, he became a little agitated and started rattling his tail and [...]

Wildlife Photos – Insects

I have added a new Insects album. A photo with a katydid and grasshopper on the same stalk, a spider (my kids call it a banana spider), and a katydid at night. 3263 3235 3260 3279

Digital Image Recovery – Photo Recovery Tool

I had a big scare the other day. We went to my daughter’s Brownie Bridging Ceremony where I took several once in a lifetime photos. While we were at the ceremony, we reviewed the photos many times and everything look great. When I got home, I started to pull the images from the CF card and noticed that there were [...]

Wildlife Photographs

I have several new critters added to the Animals album. There are a few pictures of a very small anole, several pictures of a mole that we found swimming in our pool, and one of a snake that I saw in the bushes at my mother’s house. 3034 3052 3061