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Titanium Android Development on Jaunty Jackalope

I spent a good part of the morning looking for an answer to a support request: Run on Device Not Working. The details are documented on the Titanium documentation site in HowTo: Develop for Android on Jaunty Jackalope. Update: I moved the instructions over to our documentation site where they’re easier to find..

Howto: Get More Tweets Per Hour in Tweetdeck

I attended the #dfwtweetup, sponsored by Travelocity and Travel Studios, at Tastings in Grapevine, TX this evening and had the good luck to learn a new hack. While sitting around talking about twitter search, Matthew J Stevens aka @GadgetVirtuoso mentioned a technique he uses to effectively get more tweets per hour in Tweetdeck. The API Settings [...]

Dell to Expand Recycling Efforts

Dell is expanding its recycling efforts by adding six additional states to its drop off at GoodWill program and an online exchange program. has a list of dropoff locations. More information is available in Dell to Pay a post by Jonathan Hiskes.

First Impression: T-Mobile G1

I had several people ask for my impressions of the G1 so I put a video together instead of spending a lot of time typing. In general, it’s pretty good for a first generation device. I don’t really like the bar with the roller obstructing access to the keyboard, but I’m starting to get use [...]

Greener Data Center at Home

Let’s face it, I collect computers. Trust me, I don’t want to be in the computer collection business, but some how I have several sitting in the closet and many up and running as I write. Being an entrepreneur, start-up engineer, software developer, etc, I need machines to get things done. So, I tend to [...]