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Howto: Get More Tweets Per Hour in Tweetdeck

I attended the #dfwtweetup, sponsored by Travelocity and Travel Studios, at Tastings in Grapevine, TX this evening and had the good luck to learn a new hack. While sitting around talking about twitter search, Matthew J Stevens aka @GadgetVirtuoso mentioned a technique he uses to effectively get more tweets per hour in Tweetdeck. The API Settings [...]

Gmail Labs Quick Links: Using Stored Searches

I use Gmail as a mail aggregator for many of my accounts. I honestly do strive for Inbox Zero but I’m not very consistent. As part of the quest, I’ve become relatively proficient at typing in advanced search query strings, but it is a real time sink to hand enter those every day. Enter Gmail [...]

Swing Threading

The article Rethinking Swing Threading by Jonathan Simon provides a good description on how to use event based programming to simplify your Swing development. I used a similar method in the past and it worked very well. My only addition to what he did was to add a Job system for handling the tasks. Basically, I [...]

Tomcat Configuration

There is a great article at called Top Ten Tomcat Configuration Tips. It points out a method of adding new web applications without adding a context in server.xml. Basically, you can create an XML fragment that contains the context you would have placed in the server.xml and put it in a separate xml file. Name [...]

LTools – Reading and Writing ext2 partitions from Windows

A while back, I had a DDR module go bad and trash portions of my Win2k registry. Not a huge deal, Installed XP and copied all of the data over. The bigger problem was that I was dual booting to RedHat 7.3 using Grub. When I installed XP, it proceeded to wipe out my bootloader [...]