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Archive for May, 2001


John posted a file for HotSheet while we are waiting on sourceforge to get shell access working again. I’ve started a patterns section under links in resources.

Resource changes

I updated the resource listing for NetBeans to include information on wheel mouse support. I also fix scaling bugs in the style sheet so that all of the text will scale properly.

Adobe on the Palm

Well, not a lot has happened to write about, but John found a that Adobe is finally taking the Palm seriously and has released a beta of Acrobat Reader for the PalmOS. I was really pumped up to see it. I took a couple of seconds to download and install it and it really does seem to work. Although, [...]

Back to Work: Chipdata

First Day Back To Work Today was my first day at ChipData. Everything went well. They had an office, computer, phone, and projects all ready for me. This has to be the most organized first day at a new company I’ve ever been through. Quicky I spent last week working non-stop on projects around the house. Hopefully some time this week, [...]

Lighthouse Project

What a weekend. Besides soccer and all of that stuff, the biggest project was Alex’s "Creativity Project". We spent a good part of the weekend building a lighthouse night light, but it turned out well. Of course it’s due tomorrow, but there are just a few minor touches that we’ve been adding. I help with soldering and cutting of [...]