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Archive for June, 2001

Mass Windows Updates

I was searching around on Microsoft’s website looking for security patches when I happened across this handy article " Where to Find Microsoft Security Patches". The most interesting part was learning about the existence of the Windows Update Corporate Site. It allows you to download the patches for installation on multiple machines. This could be a huge time saver. Father’s Day Goodies USB [...]


I ran across a very interesting article this morning on – "Transforming XML: Using the W3C XSLT Specification". Written by Bob DuCharme, it explains several key terms in the XSLT Specification and helps give you a fighting chance when trying to plow through the spec. Gadgets While trying to find a way to record radio programming at scheduled times, I ran across [...]


It has been a long time since I’ve been able to post anything. It is amazing where your time goes once summer gets here. Over the weekend I spent WAY to much time helping fix my youngest brother’s computer. Not only did I have to reinstall Win98 on it, the motherboard’s keyboard port freaked out requiring me to replace [...]