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Archive for April, 2002

Directory Switch

function sister() { cd “`pwd | sed -e s/$1/$2/`” } function sist() { sister main test } function sism() { sister test main }

Wildlife Photography

It’s sometimes hard to believe that we actually live in a suburban neighborhood. In the "I wish I had my camera" department, I was greeted by the honking of two canadian geese as they flew by me about 15 feet off the ground. Today, I walked up to [...]

Site update – Archives Added

I’ve added archives of past articles to the site. It will take me a while to get the templates configured like I want them, but I noticed that some information was dropping out google so I wanted to get it back in.

Slow Tomcat Mystery Solved!

Before you say…”you really should pay more attention”, I just want you to know I’ve been REALLY swamped at work. We have a really important deadline looming so I had to let some things slide. On to the mystery! For the last couple of weeks I’ve been wondering why this website has been taking 5 to 6 seconds [...]


Ok, normally, I never use the work “Rocks” in a sentence unless I’m telling a bunch of kids to stop throwing them, but it this case I made an exception. In general, cygwin (you can find it at provides a unix type environment under windows. Which by itself, is a major plus. What prompted today’s [...]