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Archive for July, 2002

Wildlife Photographs

I have several new critters added to the Animals album. There are a few pictures of a very small anole, several pictures of a mole that we found swimming in our pool, and one of a snake that I saw in the bushes at my mother’s house. 3034 3052 3061

Photo Gallery Added

I’ve been fairly motivated lately to start getting some of our pictures online. To that end, I installed Photo Gallery an open source tool for managing and displaying collections of photos. Note to friends and family. An account is required to view some albums. If you remember it, it is the same username and password that you use to [...]

Trip to Mexico – Tulum

We recently returned from a trip to Mexico and I’ve started organizing the pictures from the trip. Since that will take a while, I decided to post some panorama’s of the ruins of Tulum. Click on the smaller images to see a larger version. 4097|400 4101|400 4104|400