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Archive for January, 2009

Projects: Bedroom Remodel

I’ve create a gallery of photos from the remodel of Allison’s bedroom. She wanted her walls red with a dark wood floor. Given the experience we had with renovating my office in 2008, we were confident we could crank out most of the work over the MLK holiday weekend. As of this post we’ve [...]

Banking: The Positive Pay System

I learned something new today about a system called “Positive Pay” that’s used in the banking system. It’s one of those systems that you just wouldn’t notice until something went wrong. Earlier today, I tried depositing a check from a company only to have the the teller inform me that it couldn’t be deposited today. [...]

New Photos Page and WP-SmugMug

As part of my site re-organization and update, I discovered a new plugin, WP-SmugMug written by Adam Tow, that allows me to show recent photos from my SmugMug account on the site. Previously, the Photos menu item just took you directly to my photos,, on SmugMug. Now the link takes you to a local [...]

Updated to Wordpress 2.7

This is a just a quick post to note that I’ve finished porting the site to Wordpress 2.7 and taking it into production. I haven’t made any of the organizational changes that I want yet, but now that it’s moved I may post some of the content that I’ve been saving up a lot faster. If [...]